Tackling An Underlooked Aspect of Freelancing: Documentation & Management

Ong Yee Xien
January 10, 2022

Muhammad Sabri bin Ibrahim is a graduate architect who is new to freelancing. He is passionate about applying his available skill sets such as architectural planning, graphic design, 3D modelling and digital marketing to potential clients. Working across different industries will allow him to level up his knowledge as well as create an extra source of income. 

His goal in joining Me.reka’s Digital Entrepreneurship Programme was to explore the potential of digital entrepreneurship and to meet other passionate freelancers from across industries. 

The 31-year old found the course to be insightful and inspiring, especially the module ‘Managing Your First Client’. He was exposed to the various aspects of professionalism in freelancing. Specifically, there was much to learn in project management, contract requirements and setting realistic freelance rates. The lessons will help him in planning a sustainable framework for future freelance services.

He also enjoyed having the opportunity to experience interactive learning. By adapting to digital platforms like Slack, Canvas, Zoom, and Menti, he is inspired to further optimise technology throughout his digital career journey. 

“Me.reka Digital Entrepreneur Programme has given me the opportunity to explore diversity in working environments which are now evolving towards digital platforms instead of the traditional system of employment.”, Sabri shared.

In his opinion, Sabri finds the programme a good kickstart for participants to explore and gain in-depth knowledge of the gig industry. Guidance is provided for participants to understand the nature of the gig economy better. And help is also provided in building a framework on the personal preparation required to dive into this field. 

Sabri is looking forward to establishing a strong branding for his freelance service by continuously publishing works that showcase his skills and connecting with more people who share his thoughts in the gig industry. 

“Be passionate and keep evolving! Learning is a treasure.” Sabri imparts.

Follow his future endeavours in digital entrepreneurship via his company Lakar Lakar Creative and personal LinkedIn!

Ong Yee Xien

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