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Hong Leong Foundation Roar Skills Programme: Creative & Educational Experiences

The employment market is changing everyday as digitalization sweeps Malaysia. Companies are adopting digital ecosystems, running digital offices and even working remotely. Digital transformation has led to new roles or upgraded roles, driven by technological advances.

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The Great Resignation: Exploring The Cultural Shifts That Brought It

It's 2022, employees are now  reconfiguring their careers and lifestyle; to search for better opportunities, higher pay or a better work-life balance. Why are so many employees choosing to quit? What do they value? And where are they even going?

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Me.reka Digital Entrepreneur To The Rescue: Upskilling Freelancers, Scaling SMEs

Digitalisation breaches the untraditional, and opens doors for digital workers and freelancers to SMEs to scale their business. We spoke to our Career Partners on how digitalisation has impacted their SME; which includes APE Malaysia, Graze Market, Women of Will and Life Origin.
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Looking Into The Future of Work: Are We Ready?

The way we work and the way we think about work has changed tremendously in the last two years. People have lost their jobs, left their jobs, shifted their careers, worked from home and even worked from another country. Honestly, it’s a freelancer's world and we're just living in it.

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Meet Hajar, A Lawyer Who Expanded Her Love for Graphic Art To UI Design

It’s ironic that despite dealing with mountains of texts in her daily job as a lawyer, Wan Nurul Hajar Azim’s first love is actually the creative arts. But like water flowing through a river’s carved path, her burning love for graphics and design never wavered,
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‘Make Learning Meaningful’: Nur Adila’s Inspirational Journey to Empowerment

Coming from a low-income family, Nur Adila knows how empowering education can be be. She worked hard to get scholarships from primary school to tertiary education and now she hopes to inspire and empower others with her lifelong learning. Read more about about her inspirational journey!
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How the Me.reka Digital Entrepreneur Programme Inspired An Engineer to Expand His Horizons

Steve Lee took an interest in learning about the gig industry because he was looking to find new means of income that would offer him greater mobility and control over work. Here's how this engineer found a love for copywriting.
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Will A Seasoned Gig Worker Benefit from the Me.reka Digital Entrepreneur Programme?

Despite her 7-year experience in photographer and videography, client management was filled with ups and down for Mitzy Tan. Here's how she learned to tackle them through the hands-on real-life advice from the Digital Entrepreneur programme.
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Mimi’s Breakthrough To The Gig Economy Began With A Wish For Work-Life Balance

The appeal of working in the comforts of your own home at your own time and pace holds great appeal. Like a moth to a flame, here's how Nurul Farah Shamimi, an Electrical and Electronics Engineering graduate, decided to shift tracks and pursue freelancing.

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How Clarissa Loi Went From Bank Loan Officer To Freelance Digital Marketer

Clarissa faced the same challenges other young people faced seeking employment during the pandemic, with competitive and over-saturated markets making it difficult for anybody to enter entry-level jobs. But the pandemic didn’t stop her from pursuing a change in career.
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How Aqilah Diyanti Learned to be Persistent with Me.reka’s Digital Entrepreneur Programme

This chemical engineer turned copywriter took a leap of faith and pivoted careers by applying for a role in Biji-Biji Initiative. Instead, she was offered the opportunity to unlock further potential through a scholarship with the Digital Entrepreneur programme.

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How An Extrovert Overcame The Isolation of Freelancing

As any freelancer might know, running a solo business tends to be wholly consuming and quite isolating. Community is everything, and this Digital Entrepreneur graduate found hers through the programme.