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Starts May 29, 2021

An academy for the digital entrepreneurs of the 21st century

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Identify and leverage your talents to tackle the future of work, with Me.reka. Prepare yourself for the unforeseen challenges of the future by innovating your approach and matching the needs of the employers. 

The Me.reka Digital Entrepreneur programme, built through years of experience in understanding industry, corporate and digital trends, offers the necessary technical and empathetic skills that provide you, our future workforce, a direct link to thrive within the jobs of the 21st century, bridging the gap between academia and industry. 

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The future is yours for the taking! The gig economy is growing faster than we can prepare.
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Find Your Niche
Find your niche in the digital economy. Through effective skills profiling and personalised self branding activities, find and market your most in-demand skills! You’ll learn how to build profiles that speak directly to future clients.
Experience The Gig
Journey through simulated job experiences to learn what it's like to work in the job market. Experience the needs of the workforce and manage clients and their expectations through efficient work strategies. 

Future-proof Your Career
From personal branding and financing to nurturing an empathetic and entrepreneurial mindset, ready to tackle the challenges of the future workforce. We’ll help you build a sustainable and thriving gig-career.

Programme Methodology

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Identify In-demand Skills
Market Your Value
How To's of Securing Your First Client
Manage Your Deliverables
Kickstart a Thriving Gig Career
Stay Market Relevant

Education for the 21st century

Skills Profiling
Identify and market your skills and passions to meet the needs of the employer and to thrive in the 21st-century economy Leverage your skills and monopolize your talents within a network of available opportunities.
Personal Branding for Employability
Build your personal brand and invite prospective employers to see your worth and potential. Increase visibility through a prominent digital presence, while also harnessing the people skills to communicate with future clients.
Intro to Skilled Gig Work Platforms
Digital platforms such as Fiverr, Workana, and even social media have eased the process for those who want to offer their services. Learn the ecosystem and create a profile based on industry best practices to reach a wider range of potential clients.
Securing Your First Client
A large part of being an entrepreneur is being resourceful and staying resilient in the face of adversity. Train yourself to see challenges as opportunities for growth so that you can build a sustainable and thriving career in the gig economy.
Managing Your First Client
Intimately empathise with the needs of the employer to develop and market your talents. From learning how you can approach clients and pitch your solutions to nurturing a long term relationship that will lead to sustainable monthly income through efficient project management.
Productivity Tools for Efficiency
Digital tools facilitate help to facilitate learning as you develop within the digital economy. By equipping available technologies, you can strategically plan and organize your opportunities to efficiently scale the future of work.
Personal Finance
Know your value and protect your worth! We will teach you how to manage finances and budgets within the digital economy to ensure you equitably invest in yourself. This is the pathway to your financial independence through the digital economy.
Mock Assignment
Understand the real needs of your potential customers through application-based assignments that prepare you for the experiences of the workforce. Direct your learning and talents to tackle real-world problems, equipped with the skills to meet the needs of your future employers.
Intro to Digital Learning Platforms
Knowing what you don’t know is the single greatest advantage in the 21st century. Equip the right platforms to continue to fill the employment gaps felt by the employers. Become a lifelong learner to forever increase your value in the market and earn your worth.
Personal Wellbeing
Gig workers have to be regularly on the go finding working to find their next gig. How do you balance between kickstarting a thriving gig career that can be demanding along with prioritising your wellbeing? As a gig worker, it is important to take care of your wellbeing so that you can have an elusive work life balance.

Programme Design

Office Hours

Group tutorial sessions after each module for you to ask any clarifying questions with the trainers and work on your assignments
Peer Learning

Continuously engage and grow with your cohort peers via cohort-specific Slack channels
Career Guidance

A guided journey through digital entrepreneurship. Taught by experts to equip you with the skills of the 21st century
Grading & Review of Assignments

Trainers will review your individual assignments and ensure you are on the right track
Post-Programme Support

1-Month check-in and 3-months check-in

Education for the 21st century


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Digital Entrepreneur Scholarships

Me.reka, in partnership with our education impact partners, is able to provide scholarship opportunities for the deserving communities interested in the programme!
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Content & Strategic Partners

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Digital Entrepreneur

Penjana boost MDECs Workforce Upskilling and Reskilling Program

The digital economy is here to stay! People, we are standing on the brink of a technological revolution that will fundamentally alter businesses, income levels, and career opportunities. With Penjana, MDEC is spearheading the digital leap to ensure Malaysians are skilled to face the shift in skill demands in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
Digital Entrepreneur

Microsoft upskills Malaysians to revitalize local economy

Skilled in the art of web development? Think you have the tenacity of a freelancer? Or perhaps you curate blogs with great panache? Microsoft Malaysia and the Biji-biji Initiative have teamed up to empower Malaysians to roam the digital planes of the Gig Economy with independence, sustenance, and confidence.
Digital Entrepreneur

We join Microsoft in upskilling 1 million Malaysians

Brace yourselves for a field day of digital mobilization Malaysians! The inclusive “Bersama Malaysia” initiative by Microsoft is proud to launch the first datacenter region in Malaysia, as part of the nation's digital transformation, the initiative plans to upskill 1 million Malaysians of all socio-economic backgrounds, young adults and people living with disabilities to thrive this digital era.
Partner with Me.reka
Digital Entrepreneur