Mapping Your Future: How Mereka's Skill Test Shapes Your Career

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Mapping Your Future: How Mereka's Skill Test Shapes Your Career

Nasalia Latiff
December 21, 2023

Nasalia Latiff

Nasalia combines the art of selling with the science of digital marketing, making her a shining star in the field. Her creative mind and smart plans illuminate the marketing landscape at once.

February 23, 2024

Embarking on a digital career journey can feel like navigating uncharted territory. At Mereka, we understand the challenges freelancers and those venturing into digital careers face.That's why Mereka is thrilled to introduce our Skill Test, designed to illuminate your path in the realms of Digital Marketing, Content Writing, Web Design & Development, Operation Management, Social Media Management, Admin and Customer Support, and Graphic Design. It's not just a test; it's your compass, helping you discover where you currently stand before setting out on your developmental journey.

The core 7 Digital Skills that help you thrive in a digital world

In today's interconnected world, digital skills are the lifeblood of every industry, essential for innovation, efficiency, and sustained growth.These chosen skills represent the backbone of a digital career, each playing a crucial role in the multifaceted world of the digital era. Digital Marketing ensures online visibility, Content Writing crafts compelling narratives, Web Design & Development creates digital experiences, Operation Management ensures efficiency, Social Media Management boosts brand presence, Admin and Customer Support uphold organizational functionality, and Graphic Design communicates visually. 

Not only are these skills essential, but they also possess the unique quality of being self-learned, making them accessible to anyone eager to embark on a digital career. Their versatility opens doors to a spectrum of opportunities, whether in remote or physical settings, paving the way for greater career possibilities in the digital landscape. 

Mereka Skill Test

Identify your gap: Our skill test is tailored for freelancers venturing into new careers, individuals contemplating a shift in industries, and beginners eager to kickstart their digital journey. Before you dive into the sea of skill development, it's crucial to understand where you stand. This test is your starting point, providing clarity on your current skill set and helping you carve a path for future growth.

Prove your market readiness : Participating in Mereka's skill test isn't just about answering questions; it's about gaining real-time feedback from industry partners. These insights, grounded in industry standards, empower you to identify gaps and tailor your learning journey. This isn't a generic roadmap; it's a personalized guide to help you succeed in the dynamic digital career landscape. Our industry partners include:

Plan for your learning at your own pace : Unlocking the insights into your digital skill gaps with Mereka's test is like unveiling a treasure map for your career journey. With these insights, you can navigate through the digital learning seas with online courses and self-paced materials, customizing your route for optimal skill enhancement. With all the open sources today, you can ride on your own  professional growth, as well as a thrilling adventure in the vast realm of digital opportunities, charting a course to success in the most engaging and efficient way possible.

At Mereka, we're passionate about democratizing access to digital career growth. Offering this skill test is our commitment to helping you identify gaps in your digital skills and providing direction on where to start. We believe that every individual deserves the opportunity to shine in the digital realm, and this test is your key to unlocking that potential.

What is next after knowing where you are?

The Mereka Skill Test allows you to identify your gap in technical skills, which is compatible with our Future of Work initiative – a program aimed at preparing freelancers and entrepreneurs for the digital age. You can acquire technical skills by leveraging self-learning platforms such as LinkedIn courses, YouTube, and Coursera once you've identified your specific knowledge gaps.

Ignite your digital journey! Take your Skill Test today to pinpoint your strengths and uncover the exciting path to a thriving digital career. Your future awaits – seize it now!

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